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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What is Form 8889

Instructions and Help about What is Form 8889

Hello this is Sarah and this is another episode of how to do your own taxes thanks for joining us today we're going to talk about the main form every individual has to file when they do their taxes every year and that form is called the 1040 form 1040 where you find that is the irs.gov website other places you can find it is you can call the IRS 800 number and tell me which one to send you go to the local post office they do have that form and a few other forms unless they run out they often do you can also go to the local tax office obviously if you have a computer the easiest thing to do is to look it up an IRS gov any of the tax forms that the IRS wants you to fill out you can put the form number and the form whatever description is right in here in the search box and you'll find it like that we're gonna go find 1040 form right here now when you do your taxes and it's all done you can come back to the same page and click right here click on your refund you can also click over here about your refund you can click here about free filing now the way it is with free filing this is the first year that the IRS has kind of gone together with a quite a number of tax companies H&R Block a number of other online companies the IRS is giving them money for doing your basic tax form and the basic one is this 1040 form but keep in mind that when you do that if you have extra forms you may be charged more for extra forms so don't assume that all your whole taxes filing your taxes is going to be totally free it may not be and you don't even qualify for the free filing if you make over fifty eight thousand dollars so just keep that in mind here we go to this to the right now and you'll see right here the first thing you do is your name and address social security number as always the good thing to do is to just plain print out this form the reason why I do this is I can make notes in the side I do a rough draft of it first and so I go down all kind of fill it all in loosely and then see what I need to find if I have forgotten something or I need more information then I've sort of loosely filled in the filing status of course is single or married or filing jointly exemptions is yourself and your spouse and your children's names or anybody who is dependent on you the first big category here is of course your income income is any place that you get money from now if you get any kind of.


I've gone through instructions for Form 8889 on Health Savings Accounts, and it says that I do not have to report my FSA (flexible savings account--like a HSA) distributions on it or the 1040, but what good is that? It decreases my AGI, right?
FSA money has no impact on your AGI. The funds that went into the account were not reported as income to you on your W2 and the money (distributions) you take can theoretically only be used to pay for qualified healthcare costs. You do not get to take an itemized deduction for expenses paid with FSA funds. So the FSA money just never hits your 1040 tax return in any place, unless you somehow paid for non-qualified expenses.
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