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Why did the IRS make the 1040 form into half a page? And why did it not make all the other forms the same size (e.g. Form 8889)?
The POSTCARD thing was just a stupid campaign promise, leading people to believe the the smallness of the form might convert into reducing the workload in preparing it and even better, the tax itself.The tax law of 2022 did neither. The tax reductions mostly benefited the very rich and greatly so, at that. But the law changes did nothing about the postcard size, since what was left OFF the postcard, if it was for things that used to be necessary on YOUR longer tax form, still needed to be addressed and they satisfied need, by creating other pages that then got attached to the postcard, in my case, every former schedule was still necessary and about 3 others were added. And my case was not close to being an isolated case.This tax result was just one more of dj trumpu2019s lies and worse, it was another coverup because he has yet to admit to any coverups of any of his lies.
Does u2018employee plus oneu2022 coverage considered as u2018familyu2022 coverage for tax purposes (came across this while filing form 8889 HSA)?
Yes, with a caveat. u2018Employee plus oneu2022 is the term for coverage for the employee and a spouse, which is the definition of a family for the purposes of determining your maximum HSA contributions. However, this assumes that you are legally married; if you are not married but both covered (and there is no other health coverage available to u201cplus oneu201d) then both the employee and the plus one are able to contribute to separate HSAs to the single limit.Actually, a covered adult u201cchildu201d can pull off a similar trick, for the few years that they are still covered solely by a parentu2019s High Deductible Insurance plan; they can open their own HSA and contribute to the single limit. (some argue that the young adult can contribute to the family limit, due to a quirk in the wording concerning HSAs in Obamacare, but I wouldnu2019t try it myself)
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