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Instructions and Help about Form 8889 2022

Already let's check out the health saving accounts test questions so there'll be four scenarios and they do not require you to prepare a tax return so we're gonna read the interview notes for each scenario and use our training and resource materials to answer the questions first scenario leo Williams sounds like a great guy miss Leo Williams says here that he's single and 45 years old he works as an IT manager and his w-2 shows he makes about 47 grand a year he participated in his employer's self-only coverage high deductible health plan all year and Leo does not have any other health coverage now Leo has had an HSA for two years and his employer contributed fifteen hundred and twenty seventeen to his HSA and Leo's aunt contributed 2022 his HSA go and she seems like a great in let me tell you Leo is also US citizen and has a valid social security number excellent excellent excellent excellent so the first question says is Leo eligible an eligible individual for HSA purposes even though he did not make his own contributions well let's check it out our go-to for these HSA questions at least for my scenario are gonna be here in the tab e so let's jump right to it we'll probably want to look under the e35 sections so let's check it out these contributions made in 2022 are we put here on the tax later software and these include anything basically but they do not include our employer contributions so the question stands does our auntie's contribution count as our own contribution well let's check out this box it says employee contributions are entered here contributions by relatives and friends are considered to be made by taxpayer so according to our little box here it looks like Leo is indeed an eligible individual for HSA purposes even though he himself did not make his own contribution so shout out to aunty here she's the real MVP of this situation so let's jump on to number two what amount will Leo use to compute his HSN on Form on Form 1040 line 25 now I apologize but the only way I found to do this would be filling out the actual form for the health saving accounts so that's what we're gonna do and we're gonna jump on it real fast it's gonna be fun because that's our goal taxes fun stuff let me tell you so names shown the star boy Leo Leo Williams Social Security number yeah I'll just put mine in 1 2 2 3 4 5 something something something so don't try still why I didn't do but there it is now this is self only plan as said in the instructions I do believe self only yeah self-only coverage month and now let's start just tossing down numbers HSA contributions you made for 2022 or those made in your behalf including those made so this is not.


Can I pay for my gym membership from my personal HSA account?
Yes, you can. You can pay for anything out of your HSA account.However, if you pay for your gym membership out of your HSA account you will incur a tax penalty of 20% and owe income taxes that you need to self report and pay at the end of the year via IRS form 8889.This is because currently gym memberships are not considered an expense that is eligible for favorable tax treatment that is defined within the IRS tax publication 502.But wait, there is hope!On July 25th 2022 the House of Representatives passed Bill HR 6199. Section 8 of the bill reads as follows:“Sec. 8. Certain Amounts Paid for Physical Activity, Fitness, And Exercise Treated as Amounts Paid for Medical Care Qualified sports and fitness expenses are treated as qualified medical expenses up to a limit of $500 a year for an individual and $1,000 a year for a joint return. This includes amounts paid for membership at a fitness facility, participation or instruction in a program of physical exercise or physical activity, or safety equipment for use in a program of physical exercise or physical activity.”The bill has not been taken up yet by the Senate and does include many other pieces so even if passed section 8 could potentially be altered or removed.With that type of attention already in place it is possible that Gym Memberships sooner rather than later could be an eligible expense within an HSA account.For now though it may be a better investment of resources to avoid the 20% penalty and retain the income tax advantages of HSA participation if you can and pay for that Gym membership from another account.
Why did the IRS make the 1040 form into half a page? And why did it not make all the other forms the same size (e.g. Form 8889)?
The POSTCARD thing was just a stupid campaign promise, leading people to believe the the smallness of the form might convert into reducing the workload in preparing it and even better, the tax itself.The tax law of 2022 did neither. The tax reductions mostly benefited the very rich and greatly so, at that. But the law changes did nothing about the postcard size, since what was left OFF the postcard, if it was for things that used to be necessary on YOUR longer tax form, still needed to be addressed and they satisfied need, by creating other pages that then got attached to the postcard, in my case, every former schedule was still necessary and about 3 others were added. And my case was not close to being an isolated case.This tax result was just one more of dj trump’s lies and worse, it was another coverup because he has yet to admit to any coverups of any of his lies.
How low is the bar for "proof" on www.pollhype.com?
I had not heard of PollHype before today. I made the questionable decision to click on a marketing link on a web article I was reading, and ended up spending precious time “nexting” through a slideshow of “amazing” photographs as if I’d been whooshed into a Taboola-style vortex of slack-jawed mesmerization.As I looked at the “Monstrous Bass” photo (see below) and read the accompanying text, I could not accept the author’s conclusion that this photo “proves” that the bass in the photo is in fact “monstrous.”It’s important to be sensitive to the objective reliability of forms of evidence used when you’re shoveling information into your mind. It’s almost a forgotten duty of an informed citizenry. In this spirit, I would appreciate comments critiquing or agreeing with my concern that this particular photograph does not contain enough visual evidence to support a claim of “fish monstrosity” (assuming “monstrosity” in this case means nothing more than “bigger and heavier than people normally think a bass should be”).Here is the text accompanying the PollHype story:“Today, when fisherman imagine bass, they often picture a foot long fish that swims in local ponds or lakes. But, this incredible photo proves that they can be monstrous creatures living in the deep. In the early 1900s, fishermen took to the waters off the coast of California and started to discover enormous fish that lived for over a hundred years. Here, Edward Llewellen is seen with a record-breaking black sea base [sic]. It weighed 425 lbs and was caught on August 26th, 1903.”At first glance the bass appears taller than the man with suspenders. But when I saw that the jacketed man walking behind him is more than 1/2 as short as the main man, I focused on the aspect of depth in this photo. That’s when I realized the fish is probably closer to the camera lens than I thought at first glance, and not hanging side-by-side with the main man in the photo. There is no telling how long or heavy this fish is from the photo. Particularly troublesome is the fact that the crossbar on the weighing hook from which the fish is slung is concealed behind the fish and there is no way of seeing its length. Is it 1 foot long or 10? My conclusion is that the measurements of weight and length (assuming they were written down on paper) are the best evidence of the bass• monstrosity, and that the photo itself isn’t any good as proof, given that the deceptive depth issue of the camera lens makes it impossible to ascertain this particular fish’s monstrosity. I’m troubled by the absence of a tape measure, or any other object with known height placed indisputably on or right beside the fish. This PollHype story asserts a 425 lb black sea bass. The story misspells bass (“base”). A quick google search produced a webpage showing a 687 lb black sea bass caught Nov. 13, 2022 off the La Jolla Cove in San Diego County. You will note that the photo shown on that web page is also taken from a deceptive angle and leaves us guessing as to how far away from or close to the camera lens the fish is.
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